Journal: Fix Your Gaze
Isa DeMarco they/them)
Alessandra Lucette(she/they)
Spring 2021

Alexa Herrera Condry


I am twenty-three years old. I am not from Vermont, but I have been living in Vermont for almost nineteen years now, so I’d like to consider myself a Vermonter. We moved to Vermont when I was five years old because my mother took a position at Middlebury College.

Representation is very important to me. As a Black Dominicana, I want to see more BIPOC creatives and artists getting it, being successful, shining, and being celebrated for all of their contributions. I have always had some form of art or creative expression present growing up and naturally have a creative mind. I create from my imagination. Living in a world that lacks creativity is a very dull world. The usual mediums I work in are photography, digital art, some acrylic, and aerosol painting. I am currently the art documentarian, photographer, videographer, and mural apprentice for my family collective, Juniper Creative Arts. We have a mission-driven practice of creating art that both involves and celebrates historically excluded communities. My father is one of my biggest mentors. He’s constantly advising and mentoring me from sun up to sun down about a variety of different things,whether that be artmaking, graphic novels/manga, social activism, and finding inspiration.

Before I do anything creative, I drink one of our magical herbal blends to really get into the zone of what I’m trying to accomplish. I draw inspiration from the natural and mystical realms. I mainly focus on meditative circle art and through that I gather information from nature, pollinators, sacred geometry and symbols.

I like listening to a bunch of different things between R&B and Hip Hop. Currently I’ve been listening to Snot, Baby Keem, Summer Walker, Frank Ocean, and Anderson.Paak.

Living in a world that lacks creativity is a very dull world.