An Ode to Iskra Social Distanzine

Thank you, Iskra Social Distanzine. It’s been over a year since your last post but I still think of you all the time. Back at the beginning of the pandemic (you know when the whole stay at home thing was only supposed to last a few weeks) you gave me something to look forward to everyday. Your two-colored squares broke up my doom scrolling just enough to keep me creatively inspired.

Thank you for filling my Instagram feed with some incredible artwork and being a constant reminder of how strong and resilient Vermont’s artistic community is. On top of that, thank you for introducing me to countless new creators and proving once again that there’s a lot of talent in our little state.

Thank you for being structured, but not too structured. Each piece may have had to fit within a 2048px x 2048px square but it was immediately clear that this requirement would be anything but limiting. The best part was that no two pieces were the same. From @thibault_photo’s tractors to @cutoutcopy’s tomatoes to everything in between, nothing was off limits.

What would be doing if I didn’t thank Blue #03B7CB and Red #E4354A? You both rock separately, and together you’re unstoppable.

To @jakecaggige, these shapes are stellar. @maefinland, I could stare at this crew for hours (and I have). I’d love to be smack in the middle of that crowd… not a mask in sight. @addisonzinner, what a lovely little garden. Reminds me of the single plant that I can barely keep alive. @katerrobinson I’ve never wanted to try a sardine, but I’d crack that can right open and eat two. @rustyflipflop, here’s to having coffee at 5PM, everyone should do that more often., I won’t even begin to tell you how bad I needed a haircut during that first stretch of lockdown, I speak for everyone when I say thank you for the encouragement. @renatadavis, sometimes all it took was a small reminder to stay positive to turn my whole day around, so thank you for that.

Finally, to every other person who submitted—thanks for taking some time out of your days to send in a piece for Social Distanzine. It doesn’t matter if you created something new, or recycled an older piece, this quite literally wouldn’t have been possible without you.

If you’re still reading this, I’ll stop now. Go check out @iskraprint on Instagram to see the project in its entirety.