Fix Your Gaze

Isa DeMarco they/them)
Alessandra Lucette(she/they)
Spring 2021

When you initially think of the Vermont design scene, you may think of beer labels, established studios, and an endless sea of mountain motifs coupled with a green and blue color scheme. And you’re totally right, that does exist here, and it’s constantly shoved down my throat. But to reduce the design scene here to homogenous, plaid-clad, cookie cutter, kitschy type and illustrations would mean missing out on the complex, overlapping identities that birth the lush and clever visual vocabulary that makes this great state special. Not to mention disregarding the real hustle required when pursuing this creative discipline. 

As a queer, Latinx designer, I feel it was vital to ensure that the legitamate, often omitted design and creative scene in Vermont is represented in some way. That’s why I reached out to my local community in search of creatives who broke the aforementioned mold. I paid attention to work I’d seen around town, utilized my social media savvy, and ended up with a group of distinct, motivated individuals who are navigating their craft during a ridiculously difficult year. I joined my partner, photographer Alessandra Lucette, to capture their intrinsic uniqueness and chat about their creative practices. Along the way we were rewarded with the opportunity to meet new friends (in a COVID precautionary environment) who changed my perspective on what it means to be a creative living in this bucolic, green state. I invite you to fix your gaze on these talented QTBIPOC creatives in Vermont, and I am grateful for the opportunity to introduce them to you.